Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had a very interesting experience earlier this week that I wanted to share. Now I know my blog is not very popular compared to many out there. I did get more hits back when I was more of a consistent blogger, but quite frankly...I'm not. I mean I probably have about 20-30 people that regularly visit my blog, or at least that is my best guess by my Feedjit application. I don't know who most of you are, but I see that you keep coming back. Probably faithfully checking to see if I've posted anything. Unfortunately, I've probably disappointed you more often than not with no new posts. Anyway, I say all that to say thank-you for being interested in my story, in Joy's story, in the story that God is writing through our lives.

You are probably wondering why I am even talking about this, which brings me back to that something interesting that happened. So I was at a local store looking for some fall/winter clothes for Phoebe and was waiting in line at the checkout. It was then my turn and as I approached the counter the lady asked me how much longer I had (obviously she saw my pregnant belly), I told her 6 weeks, she asked me if I knew what I was having and I told her "a boy." I was paying her the money for the clothes and she asked me if my last name was J_ _ _ _ ? I said yes, and she proceeded to tell me that she had been following my blog. I asked her how she heard of it and she said she saw the obituary in the paper. She apparently felt a connection to read based on something that happened within her family and had mentioned how she admired me for the decision I made and wished me well. Some of it was a bit of a blur just because I was so not expecting that. I was going over in my mind how she connected me to my blog, I mean I paid her in debit card, my name wasn't on anything. I just figure it must have been from pictures on my blog and perhaps the pregnant belly that she made the connection?

The thing that I took away from that encounter and what really touched me was that there are people out there that know who my daughter, Joy, is and know her story and have been impacted. I already know this to be true and I know a lot of you personally who read and have been impacted. But when this lady whom I had never met before said all this to me I saw things in a new perspective. I mean I know there are those of you out there that read and we don't know each other and some of you have commented or sent me emails. I appreciate those so much by the way. Having that real life connection where someone I don't know had been impacted by Joy's story brought it back home to me at a whole different level. It was kind of like God was reminding me that Joy's life mattered and still matters today. Truthfully, after finding out her diagnosis and learning that she would likely never live outside my womb,that was all I really wanted. For people to know her name, to be touched by her short life and ultimately be lead to the cross.

That brief encounter this week was a gift I was not anticipating and I wanted to say thank you to that lady, I'm sorry I forgot to ask your name, but you speaking up and saying something really meant a lot to me.


Rachel said...

Very cool Sharleen! I've been seeing a lot of boxes of Joy ice cream cones and always think of you and Joy when I do.

Do you remember way back when I mentioned to you that there is a billboard near me for MCCL that had two babies on it and then it said "Signs of Joy" I don't know if I ever mentioned, but both those babies are boys! I thought that was a neat "sign."

Continuing to pray for you and Joy's baby brother!

my3sons said...

I have been a follower and have not commented before. I figure this is a good time to leave a comment! Your daughter touched me and I have been following ever since. I am not sure how I found your blog, but enjoy reading it. I just thought I should comment!

Carla said...

Thats is so cool. I think God was giving you just a glimpse of some of the ways He is using Joys life to impact people. I remember about a year after loosing our son a complete stranger wrote me a 10 pg. letter out of the blue telling me she just found out her son was "not compatible with life" and that reading about our son in a support group newsletter really helped her (before the days of blogs). I felt so humbled and grateful in that moment that God would give me a glimpse of something that I might never have known about.
Now that I blog I am always a little shocked and embarassed when people I would least suspect tell me they read my blog. I guess I figure on one reads it :)

Congratulations on your newest little blessing and praying for safe arrival and continued healing for your family. God Bless.

hsing3kinder said...

I love sweet Joy's name and the title of your blog!
I lost my daughter, Jesse Faith, to limb body wall complex ten years ago & have never met anyone else who's child had the same defect. I know it isn't an easy walk, the waves of grief are always huge, but the hit less and less often.
Many many blessings to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi..I am the lady from TJ' name is Kim..I recognized you from your pictures on here..if you had not said you were pregnant on here...I might not have known that was you in front of me..the baby belly gave it am glad I made your day..I felt really happy meeting you and telling you face to face how much I admired you..after you left I felt like I met a famous was nice to put an actual "face" with your blog! I was thinking.."Wow I hope she doesnt think I am some crazy person" Good luck with the new little guy...he is definately going to be a lucky little one to have such a wonderful Mother as you! Take Care..hope to see you shopping again soon!

Kim Walters