Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictures of Joy's Birthday Celebration

Lewis and I purchased these garden stakes that we let the kids put in Joy's garden at home.

We went to the grave site where Lewis and Elijah plant some perennials.

The finished product above. You can't see it, but we also planted a black-eyed susan bush behind the grave stone which no doubt will be able to be seen over the stone next spring/summer.
And for no other reason than to prove I was there, here is seriously poor photo of the kids and I.
Lewis and the kids.

There go the balloons! We wrote notes for Joy on them. There were 6 balloons, but someone let go of one earlier. We won't say who. ;)

That's a little convertible Beamer in the front of the garden that Elijah left for Joy.
Before we head home for birthday cake we all went out for dinner.
Okay, I admit I'm no birthday cake rock star like my mother. She can seriously decorate a cake. Honestly, I don't really try because normally she does this sort of thing, but she is on a European vacation currently so it was all me. Although I did have a little help from Betty...Croker, that is. It may not look spectacular, but it was yummy. What if I told you just as the kids blew out the candle Phoebe sneezed all over it. Yep, no joke!
Elijah told me as he was going to bed that he was sad baby Joy's birthday was over. I have to admit...I am, too.


Rachel said...

I love what you did at Joy's grave! How beautiful it will look next spring and summer.

Jennifer McInnis said...


Joy's graveside is beautiful!! You and your husband are so wonderful by letting your other children be a big part of the celebration of Joy!! I know of people that do not want their kids to be a part of things, and it just breaks my heart. I wish you and your family the best of luck with this pregnancy. I know things are going to be great!! I know you miss Joy so much, as I still cry every time I say Jonah's name. I am so happy that I have had the great pleasure of becoming friends (well internet friends :-) with you. You are a very special person!!

Much love,
Jennifer McInnis

The Sloterbeeks said...

I was just catching up on the blogs I follow and read the last few posts you've written. I just cant' get over how well you express my heart -yet again so blessed. BTW pretty tricky how you had the kids in front of you, was hoping to catch a glimps of your preggy belly, enjoy it.