Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First post of the year?

I know...first post this year. I won't even begin to make any excuses. I will say that I have sat down a couple times to try and put together an update. The truth is when you go 8 months between posts the thought of providing a complete update becomes a very daunting task. I just can't do it...it's been a very full 8 months.

Let's start with Rhys. He is 9 months now. Yes, 9 months! He is a very happy baby. We've had our challenges and to make a semi-long story short...we found out at 6 months that he has many food allergies. Here is the complete list: milk, eggs, peanuts, chicken, tuna, tomatoes, and peas. The allergy we found out on our own was the milk allergy. I tried supplementing with some formula one day which ended up with an ER visit as he broke out in head to toe hives within minutes. I've changed my diet to eliminate these things as best as I can and it has made a huge difference for his tummy, his sleep, and his skin.

Elijah and Phoebe are growing up...I guess there is no way to stop that, eh? Elijah, now 6, and Phoebe, now 3, are each other's best friends and each other's worst enemies. Gotta love that sibling rivalry. They have their moments, but they are such good kids and I am so proud of them.

As for myself, I start the RN program at the local college in 13 days. I have mixed emotions about this. I'm thrilled to have been accepted into the program (afterall, I did work very hard on my prereqs) and I'm looking forward to this new phase of my life, but am not excited about Phoebe and Rhys having to go to daycare. I've been blessed to be in a position and have opportunities since I've been a mom to not have to place my kids in childcare so this is going to be hard for me. I have anxiety mostly about Rhys and his allergies and me not being able to control his environment and now the latest being that he refuses to take a bottle or a cup. He wants his Momma's milk directly from Momma and no other source. Praying this works itself out soon. I have so many other thoughts and emotions regarding being away from the kids during the day. I won't get into it all, but I ask for your prayers.

I can't believe next month will mark 2 years since Joy went home to be with Jesus. I, of course, still think about and miss her everyday....and more so recently likely because of this upcoming milestone. I'm not really sure how I'm dealing with my grief these days. I don't find that I have time to reflect and sort through any of it these days. I'm still moved by people who have the courage to mention her name to me. It warms my heart to no end...and as I write this I'm starting to tear up. There's lots going on under the surface...maybe I'll try to tackle this topic one day if I'm able to actually sort through it myself.

So there is my attempt at an update. Kinda brief and not too complete, but an update nonetheless. Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

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Carla said...

Very cute pictures! I can totally relate to having an allergy baby. Makes life a little more interesting avoiding peanuts, tree nuts, kiwi, cinnamon and eggs. :) We've never actually had a full allergy test done. Our allergist only tests after we discover a new allergy (I suspect he has many more minor allergies that we haven't discovered yet...those were just the biggies). Welcome to the epi-pen carrying mama club :)
Thanks for the update on your precious family.